Vishvashakti Instrument is a tool that can measure the defective human energy meridians and shift in the fields and tell us which part of the house need correction.

The base, earth, is from where we receive geopathic bliss, and the earth energy imbalance is the major cause of most human illnesses. Using Vishvashakti Instrument effectively you can diagnose about the detail vastu defects.

For the Vastu / Building Biology correction we need to consider the impact of Environmental agression on three major human Chakras:
  • The reading 12 lambda at the Level: the Cosmic Energy 
  • The Reading 15.3 lambda at the level: the Global Energy
  • The Reading at 8 lambda at the level: the Telluric Energy
By measuring human energies, we can characterize the environment and vise versa. The logical interpretation of these energies results in detection of the human and environmental ailments. The rectification theory directly depend upon the scale of the Instrument.

Vastuworld rectification always applies the corrective measures without hampering the built space, but relation for defects is from the system of Sthaptya Veda, the source of Vastu Shastra. 

This works on the basis that all humans and their chakras are different; hence the environment impact on them would also be different.

To utilize the best of each environment, the Vastu consideration for each human has to be specifically designed, according to his/her energy field. 

Vastu and the space for each person have to be in tune with his energies measured by Vishvashakti Instrument.